I am Kathrin Gusenbauer and I do various work with pen, paper and a camera. My main field of work is the illustration of books, magazines and live graphic recording at events. But I am also a passionate photographer.
I worked for the Technical Museum Vienna, Global 2000, University of Vienna, Veritas schoolbook publisher, Institute of Science and Technology Austria and many more.
More and more these days I seek to combine my fascination with flora and fauna with my creative abilities.
I am very pleased you made your way on my website! Please feel free to jump around – I am looking forward to hear from you!

Illustrating started for me in 2018, when a then small newspaper project needed someone to do illustration. Having learned arts and crafts in High School and always wanting to draw professionally, I decided to bite the bullet and suggested I do them myself. Fast forward four years later I am very lucky to draw as a profession and work with many interesting people and initiatives.

Photography is my second passion. I follow it longer than drawing and continue to rediscover its perks.
I very much enjoy the hunt for a good picture – be it macro, landscape, architecture or wild animals. Find a small selection of photos here.

Motion graphics, animation and video, in general, is a new venture for me, but I enjoy it very much. I finished my first motion graphic project in 2021 and am currently working on two other videos. I only started to explore how I can use it.

Science and knowledge communication is the field I mainly work in. My contractors are scientists, science journalists and other knowledge communicators. I develope imagery and Corporated Designs that supports the outreach of science to the public or within the community of scientists.

Graphic Recording or Scribbling is a form of documenting panel discussion, conferences and lecturers live. Becoming increasingly popular I tried it myself in 2019 and since enjoy doing it. My clients include the University of Vienna, the Austrian Service Abroad and the Technical Museum Vienna.